Perfect Image Orchids, Inc.
Hello there!

As you can see, our website is under construction.

So please bear with us and check back now and then and see what we have been doing!

So as we try and decide what information to add to our website, let me just tell you the "about us".

I introduced the Dendrobium orchid to the food service industry in the USA in 1993. By 1995 it became a one product, full time company Perfect Image, soon to become Perfect Image Orchids, Inc in 1996.

Over the past years that went way too fast, we have delivered over 200 million(yes, million!) Dendrobium orchid blossoms to the world!

Our beautiful purple/white blooms have graced the tables of Ms. Julia Childs on many Easter Sundays and those of Presidents at the White House and many other grand and wonderful locations and functions! But the large majority has been use by regular food service operations, both large and small companies!

Because companies know that today is their only chance to impress their clients! Tomorrow may be too late!

Thank you for checking us out!