How to care for your Edible Orchids

Hey there! Did you receive your Edible Orchids? That's Great!                             

They're so easy to use and care for!

Here’s how!

Once you receive your Edible Orchids, all you have to do is place them in the refrigerator with the white Perfect Image Box in a temperature no higher than 58 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Remember what happens to lettuce if the fridge is too cold? It freezes over!

And you don't want that with your beautiful orchids, so its best to place them in the middle where it's not too cold or too hot for your Edible Orchids and that's it! Time to plan for your party!!

“Oh No! My Edible Orchids look a little weak, what should I do?!”

Don’t worry little one, we have just the right trick for you! Sometimes during the hot weather season the orchids may get a little weak. But with this little guide that I posted on Instagram, hopefully it should show the way!

Instagram Post:

In this section we're going to show you how to revive your orchids, sometimes your orchids may get a little weak during the hot weather so the best way to prep them before your big day....
1- Prepare a nice bowl with water and some ice, preferably 70% water to 30% ice. Allow the ice to melt completely.
2-Gently place the orchids facing up with the orchid stems fully submerged in the water.
3-Allow the orchids to float in the water for about 2 hrs, sometimes it might take less so continue to check on them until they've become firm to the point that you feel is good.
4-After being soaked, placed them face down in paper towels to dry. A nice little fan always helps to dry off the excess moisture from the orchids.
5-Make sure they are completely dry or the orchid petals will absorb the water and we want the STEM to absorb the water, not the orchid petals or it will damage the orchid.
6-Place them back in the fridge until you need them and ta-daaa! A little tutorial on how to freshen up your beautiful orchids before the big party!!

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