"The Original" Edible Orchid Company

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An affordable and beautiful way to add color and class to your beverages, salads, entrees, desserts and more!


The Original Edible Orchid Company

Perfect Image Orchids, Inc. is a small family owned company that has been providing the highest quality of edible orchids to the food industry for over 20 years. Grown uniquely for the culinary world and now something anyone can enjoy and use to add color and elegance to any event.

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Grown using only USDA approved products on inspected farms. Our flowers are quality monitored by independent laboratories.

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Specially crafted for culinary use - our orchids are safe for consumption and have a fresh and crisp flavor, similar to that of leafy vegetables.


The Chocolate Orchid Company

We are pleased to announce our handcrafted Chocolate Chilling System is Coming Soon! An easy to use system that helps you create goodies that are as sweet as they are beautiful and both you and your friends will love playing and working with! Whether for business or just for fun!

 Shipping & Returns…

All of our Edible Orchids are offered with FedEx Standard Overnight-Expedite Shipping Monday to Thursday for $15. We also offer FedEx Saturday Delivery for $29.99 shipping fee. Please feel free to Contact Us for any questions!

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